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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> romona: after a wild monday thunder overnight. jeff tanchak tracking it all in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: we will have to see how things go down more likely commute. we have another front we are tracking producing severe weather or will be. that's a tornado watch in illinois a severe thunderstorm in western illinois. this will fire up as the evening wears on. we will see the leftovers from this. we will not see the severe stuff. rain and storms in the area tomorrow morning. cleveland 19 weather app of course. you can get the instant radar updates and hourly forecasts. notice how temperatures go up through the night downtown mid to upper 40s early on. rain and storms well after the polls close. the wind is also going to be picking up by morning. look at the temperature difference. 40s on the larry soulsby and
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the 50s inland if not near 60 in dover new philly. like i said it will be an unseasonally warm night and not bad for primary day. hour-by-hour breakdown. that's coming up. >> romona: now to campaign 2016 coverage and we begin with drama at a cleveland polling place. >> mark: a poll work we are a gun. dani carlson joins us live to tell us what's happening. hey, dani. >> reporter: hey, guys we are told a man that's a poll worker at the louisa may alcott school got in an argument with fellow poll workers and took out a gun from his bag and threatened them with it. this is allen bethea. the whole incident lasted a couple of minutes. polling never stopped, kids were not in danger and people didn't realize what was happening. bethea was arrested a couple blocks from here with the weapon and marijuana in his bag.
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charges of aggravated menacing, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a weapon with a disability. the board of election hiring process includes a question if people are applying if they are a felon or not. the b.o.e. hires 6,000 people to work the polls for one day. live in cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> dani, thank you. how did the poll worker get a job: it is an easy application, 17 registered voter in the county you plan to work and no felony convictions. you cannot be running as a candidate for the election in which you are working. the b.o.e. says there are no background checks. >> kasich cannot make america great again. >> romona: tonight there's a chance donald trump could
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nomination, something ohio governor john kasich is trying to stop. the two are pretty close in the polls in ohio. sara goldenberg joins us live from berea where they are rallying for kasich. sara? >> reporter: romona, this is a make or break night for john kasich. he needs to win his home state to move on in the race. we are here at baldwin wallace a few hours away from the watch party. you can see behind me the stage is set and chairs in place and everything is ready to go. a few hours ago governor kasich voted in westerville and placed a ballot for himself before moving on to northeast ohio. if kasich wins tonight he could put a dent in donald trump's momentum. on the other hand if he loses kasich says he will drop out and this race could be over. polls put him neck-and-neck with trump and kasich said he tried to run a positive campaign over
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i have just learned there will be a few speakers for governor kasich including those from the kasich party and dewine and mary taylor. >> back live at 7:30 polls are closing at 8:00. the watch party will kick off. we will be with governor kasich watching live results come in. cleveland 19. thank you. a man on a political mission. we meet a grandpa from illinois. why he is following john kasich around the country in a vintage air stream. romona, thank you. scott taylor joining us here now. the race in cuyahoga county and tim mcginty and one we got close and personal with now. >> no republican. all that is running and this primary will decide who is the next prosecutor in cuyahoga county.
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been name calling all over the campaign trail for some time now. o'malley used his former position as mcginty for county prosecutor for political gain and flat-out campaigning working for the county and o'malley fires back saying mcginty is not telling the truth and will do anything to hold onto his job. >> i took apart o'malley's patronage machine and he served as a political and forester and patronage czar according to the newspaper which i fully agree with. >> on every issue of this campaign timothy mcginty will make up lies, he will distort the facts. none of this should be surprising. he is a man desperate to cling to this position. >> clearly, the two guys do not like each other. the county prosecutor's office has been in the headlines for not doing credit checks on hires
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officer. the harp overnight and mr. mcginty and supporters will be at the prosecutor's office. >> any early indications how this will go? mine. we will find out later tonight. romona. >> a lot on the line. not just here in ohio. dan deroos is joining us to show us what's on the line. >> jeff tanchak was joking earlier. really is. and the technology we've got. let's take a look at today and why it will be the biggest defining primary day of all. we are looking at the republican map first of all. all red states trump wins and blue states ted cruz and marco rubio and we have ohio and north carolina and florida and illinois and missouri. the reason ohio was so important for the republicans it is 66 delegates winner take all.
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type of situation. 99 delegates winner take all f. trump can find a way to win here or here his role to the nomination is all but a lock. if he splits these in the other states where votes will be proportioned out depending how well the other candidates do, it won't be that much said and done for trump. we need to start talking about the democrats. democrats also have a big night when we switch the map. blue states are hillary. clinton wins. wins. and i want you to notice again same states in play north carolina, ohio, illinois, missouri and florida. take a look where hillary's wins have been down here in the south. where have bernie sanders wins have been. here in the midwest. if bernie sanders can take missouri and illinois and possibly in ohio remember it was michigan. that's a state hillary clinton
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weeks and he pulls that state off. it will be very interesting to see if this is a midwest movement for sanders and if hillary clinton continues her win along the south and it will be an exciting night and amazing amount of coverage all night and we will tell you about all of that coming up. mark? >> mark: all right, dan. thank you. in elyria, issue 6. we have done several stories on the bad shape of the police cruisers breaking down during a police chase. issue 6 a temporary five year 1 1/2% income tax increase going towards fixing some of those problems and fairview park residents were asked to renew a five year fire levy they had to reduce staffing by 10%, issue 6 a renewal and allow the fire station to staff it 24 hours a day with 6 firefighters and
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will have results and analysis with a mobile cast at 7:30:00 p.m. we are the only station in town with a 9 p.m. extended newscast cle 43 and cleveland 19 at 10:00 and 11:00. romona? >> in cleveland mary beltre uni-school canceled classes due to vandalism. someone broke into the classes and smashed windows and spray painted the building and several lcd projectors are gone and the staff spent the day cleaning it up showing off the polling station. and police in parma want to show a picture of a missing man. will apprentice was seen last thursday. the 85-year-old suffers from dementia and in the past driven to toledo when he is confused. he is in a silver 2004 silver ion bs64ze.
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it. >> we have our first inside look at the cleveland ymca. >> it is at the galleria on east workout equipment poolroom steam room and hot tub a personal and more. >> i will take a look at that. >> a sign of spring in hinckley. the metro parks posted on arrived. it was spotted at 8:31 by the official buzzard spotter. happy buzzard day everyone. >> the fist buzzard day was march, 1957 to mark the clock-like return of turkey vultures and hinckley chamber of commerce is this sunday. free admission around town school, arts, crafts and all you can eat pancake breakfast. had you me at pancakes. >> up next vehicles torched in
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we head to a neighborhood where they say this happened before. >> jeff: okay. i thought i was done with the tease. we are tracking the showers and storms on the way. just in time for the morning drive.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: an arsonist struck overnight. >> romona: torching a half >> romona: torching a half dozen vehicles in cleveland. check it out. this is cleveland near the east cleveland border. someone burned vehicles on andorra and lampson on every vehicle, it looks like the side window was broken out and an accelerant tossed in the dashboard. this is not the first for the neighborhood. >> there was a car on fire and got it next door and his car was on fire. the car was on fire.
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surveillance cameras may have captured so they can help i.d. the culprit. >> back to campaign 2016 now. a kasich supporter traveling around the country. >> romona: sia nyorkor caught up with a grandfather from illinois and his vintage ride. >> reporter: mr. tom hit the road in this air stream camper with one goal in mind to get ohio gov john kasich elected president and he tells me it's been quite the adventure. >> reporter: mr. tom says it is kind of hard to miss him. that's one of the goals. >> sir, have you voted yet? >> no. not yet. >> it is obvious he is stumping for john kasich and doing this for the good of the country. >> i am for him because of his experience and for him because of his temperment. i am for him because of his leadership skills. >> the 70-year-old grandfather
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this election cycle and he's made stops in new hampshire, south carolina, michigan and hometown chicago and now ohio. he says he doesn't want or need governor kasich's approval he just wants to help get him elected. >> this exercise, if you want to call it that is something that i need to do. i don't need a pat on the back. >> reporter: he says this vintage air stream is the perfect representation of why he is doing this. >> it stands for the open road. our sense of freedom. it stands for american manufacturing. they're still made in ohio since the 1930s. >> reporter: so today he is here in cleveland to make a last-minute pitch. >> what's important is the voting. >> whoever the candidate. >> while he hopes governor kasich wins the nomination to be elected president. >> he has already said he has the second best job in the
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>> reporter: he is hoping this isn't the end of the road. >> reporter: he says if kasich doesn't win tonight's primary he won't support any other candidate. that's how strongly he believes in him. >> back to you. >> cleveland 19 news has you covered. we have a full night of results and expanded coverage on cle 43 and cleveland 19. results and more are on our app and mark? >> mark: i like that air stream he was pulling around. nice. >> jeff: and the f-150 pulling it. >> stolen retirement right there. >> jeff: there you go. i think i have the second best job. >> doing weather in cleveland. it's the best. it always keeps me on my toes. >> cloudy skies out there. i will show you the system and boy, we are getting ready. at least they are out here for a
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that's a tornado watch west of chicago right here. you start to see a few storms starting to fire up. evening. we will not see severe weather. the front that comes new in the morning. we will see leftover stuff from it. i think we will get rain and storms by morning. wind off the lake only 48. look how warm it is to the west. we will be warmer tomorrow with more sunshine. dry this evening. even dry at 2:00 in the morning. futureview is saying hey, this will be here. boy, it is not giving us much. it fizzles a lot of stuff out to the west. i have showers and even a few storms on the way here late tonight. it will be unseasonably warm. 5 and temperatures going up by morning. storms late akron-canton more than likely during the company drive you will drop down to 47.
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so showers, perhaps a rumble of sunshine. it will be a windy day and temperatures topping 60. and then isolated stuff forming there between 2:00 and 5:00. there you see it. isolated showers and storms. we have the first alert tomorro morning commute. heads up. we will monitor that situation closely. some ponding on the roads and wind gusts 30 and low to mid-30s at 8:00 a.m. by afternoon we will be in the low 60s at least. i have us at 63 tomorrow. windy day and few showers and storms especially in the morning. st. patrick's day still promising to be cooler and windy and small chance of shower and all not too bad and a little concerned about the wind and parade and morning showers friday and windy 39 and weekend
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weekend. increasing clouds saturday 39 and 28 saturday night cloudy and chilly 41 and oh, boy may have snow showers on monday and 1 degrees. tony? >> turns out, the factory of sadness is a voice command away. what siri is saying about the browns these days and danny
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diarrhea, and vomiting. t side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. all right. cavaliers down to their final 16. obviously once the playoffs get rolling we expect to see the team sunday not the one we witnessed monday. >> another bad team banged up,
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the cavs and heating up and taking first three out west cavs go cold in the finale. >> it doesn't matter who is in or out at the end of the day we are nba players and don't take anyone for granted. they got the best of us. >> maybe home cooking, cavs and mavs at the q catch it on fox sports ohio with fred and ac. rangers busy tribe trailing 5-3 in theth. a scary scene johnny kato of the giants. his first pitch of the game and takes a line drive to the head. kato took it on the forehead and went three innings and tonight he is monitored for a possible concussion. almost a week of free agency and browns aren't exactly tearing it up. there's always the draft. >> danny shelton hanging with kids. the question naturally came up. >> who will you pick for the draft?
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it is kind of a secret. >> joey bosa. the kids are optimistic and they have not had their hearts stomped on for decades. some day it will change. ask siri. >> yeah. so this is real. sadness. >> okay, here is what i found. >> firstenergy stadium. you can't make it up. oh! yes. >> siri. >> we think it might be ohio in specific. >> sadness.
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>> jeff: all right. we have showers and storms around mainly in the morning tomorrow. windy and warmer day. 63. wind will be a factor on st. patrick's day. not much in the way of isolated rain and showers. 53 and bottom falls out. we will fall many temperature friday into the 30s. a few morning showers and weekend looks chilly mainly dry, 39 saturday and 41 on sunday. >> mark: all right.
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6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: remember we have campaign mobile cast at 7:30 with expanded coverage on cle 43
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couldn't pick trump out of a lineup. now-- >> trump. >> donald trump. >> pelley: and they have plenty to say about it. >> pelley: history will be


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